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A userfriendly control for your new or existing tunnel washer

for a Jensen Senking, Kannegieser and Lavatec batch wasser

Senso Technics specialises in creating and delivering new controls for brands such as Jensen Senking Batch washers , Kannegieser, Lavatec, Braun and Girbau.  Also for older brands like Voss. We have been doing this for many years and all over the world. With a new control we give an existing tunnel washer a new life and with our user-friendly laundry software also easy operation for new tunnel washers.

A new control system for your tunnel washer makes it easy to control the incoming linen of your laundry from a step conveyor, soil side monorial D2 or a conveyor belt. In this way you can easily wash on customer and article. With the help of a clear water flow, pumps and valves are controlled and the correct washing and dosing programme is provided. The laundry continues its way through the tunnel washer by going from compartment to compartment. You always have insight into where your customer and article is located. From the tunnel washer the laundry is transported to a press or centrifuge.


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