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Corporate social responsibility

In society

To strive for good results in a durable manner is the basis for continuity and survival in the long term. Without attention to social and ecological developments, structural economic advantage is impossible. Investment in the future is inextricably linked to the strategic policies of Senso Technics. To stimulate durable and profitable developments in our field of work has a central place in our organisation. We do this by actively taking part in various professional and industrial associations. As supplier for the laundry industry Senso Technics offers a series of solutions that allows customers to operate more sustainable. Re-use of machines and monitoring energy consumption are concrete examples of this.


Supporting social causes

Senso Technics attaches much importance to supporting social responsible causes. Therefore, we support various initiatives and we give our people room to make an active contribution. This attitude aligns with our core values; enterprising, sharing, enthusiastic, honest and respectful. By sharing time, money and experience with society you realise growth.

Walking for KWF

SamenLoop voor Hoop (joint walk for hope)

SamenLoop voor Hoop is a 24-hour walking relay to raise money for cancer research from KWF cancer prevention. This 24-hour walking relay is in aid of the continuous battle against cancer. During the SamenLoop voor Hoop we remember the loved ones, we celebrate that people have survived cancer and we support those people that are currently battling cancer.




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