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Laundry systems

Improvement of internal processes

Would you like to know where the challenge lies within your internal logistics? Senso Technics will support you to specify this. With smart improvements, such as sorting systems, transport lift, monorail soil side D2, monorail clean side D3, buffer lines, lifting, shuttle and shuttle lifting conveyors, conveyor belts and our laundry software, SensoSuite, modules we can make your internal logistics operate optimally. Thanks to our knowledge and wide experience we are able to make your current internal logistics more efficient and we ensure that all our solutions flawlessly cooperate with other internal systems.

This is how we do it!

Sorting systems

Simple and quick

Laundry sorting systems from Senso Technics enable soil linen to be sorted quickly and easily by customer and article. By dividing the linen into different categories (articles) upon entry, the washing process and drying process can be optimally set up. Which laundry sorting system best suits your laundry depends on the number of customers, articles and the quantity of linen. Senso Technics’s sorting systems consist of sorting hoist system, sorting belt conveyor, sorting bag system , sorting bin system, electronic weighing and our software solution SensoSuite for displaying weight, customer, article and line destination.

With our knowledge and experience we help laundries with the right sorting system

Transport systems

Monorail soil and clean side, bag rail buffer system

By using internal transport systems, such as monorail and bag rail buffer system, you can transport the linen, after sorting, through a soil side monorail D2 directly to on of the buffer lines or directly to the tunnelwasher. The advantage is that in addition to the space you save, you also have a better overview of which article and which customer is where within the laundry process. By setting the right call-off with our laundry software, SensoSuite, modules, you also create an optimal flow in your laundry.

Increased productivity and flexibility

Conveyor systems

Lifting, shuttle and shuttle lifting conveyor, conveyor belts and work station supply belts

The connection between the different machines within your laundry are the various conveyor systems. With a Lifting, shuttle and shuttle lifting conveyor, conveyor belts and work station supply belts you optimize your laundry process and get the linen to the next position in an efficient way.

Efficient laundry transport

Boost your laundry performance

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