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Better performance, higher pieces per operator hour, and happier customers

31-08-2020 - Less employees, severe height and footprint restrictions and without ever closing a single day? Senso Technics offered the solution at Commercial Laundry in Baltimore [...]
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It gives you energy

17-08-2020 - It gives you energy. New solar panels have been shining on Senso Technics roofs since July. That gives you energy, which is only logical, because solar energy is free of charge and highly sustainable. [...]
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Happy 50th Birthday Peter!

02-07-2020 - Happy 50th Birthday Peter, today our colleague Peter van Wijngaarden turned 50 years old. [...]
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Hotelier Lakeland optimizes with new sorting station and soil side monorail

26-03-2020 - Hotelier Lakeland optimizes with new sorting station and soil side monorail. For an efficient process, Hotelier Lakeland once again deployed the expertise of Senso Technics. The laundry expended with a 8 position sortingstation, monorail soil side and Senso Software. [...]
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Update regarding corona virus

24-03-2020 - Senso Technics update regarding corona virus, The safety and health of employees and business relations is paramount, as is the continuity of our business operations and the service we provide to our customers. [...]
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