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New smart laundry process for Baltic Clean

07-12-2021 - [...]
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Discontinuation of Power Panel PP65

27-09-2021 - [...]
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Laundry software SensoSuite control

30-06-2021 - [...]
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New SensoSuite control for Jensen Senkings

30-03-2021 - With SensoSuite laundry management software from Senso Technics, the laundry has one operation system. In this way they have a single layout with an overview of entire laundry process, managing data and controlling the existing machines within Ecotex Laundry.  In conclusion the daily processes can be easily followed and managed by workstations. [...]
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Better performance, higher pieces per operator hour, and happier customers

31-08-2020 - Less employees, severe height and footprint restrictions and without ever closing a single day? Senso Technics offered the solution at Commercial Laundry in Baltimore [...]
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