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Senso Technics

Focus on growth

By sharing knowledge, we look for the perfect balance between wishes and solutions, requirements and software, people and technology. This is the key to a successful cooperation and is the principle of our philosophy: growing together. You do not have the be the biggest to survive. Adaptability is more important. This is what your company needs to respond to the changing market.


Focus on growth

You know your company like no other. Your laundry is continuously on the move and your business is changing. Your customers request more and more information and want to receive this quicker and more frequent. Your costs should remain controllable and you want to be able to continue to invest within an acceptable calculated risk.

You are looking for a sparring partner that grows with you.

Senso Technics

Optimize your laundry

At Senso Technics we support you to grow with the help of innovation and new technology. We assist you in taking the next step to expand your productivity. You know your own company best. But are you also aware of the various ways to increase your capacity? In the thirty years that we have been in the business, we have worked with a wide scale of laundries across the world. We take the innovation of one laundry to the next laundry.

With this video we like to show you what we can do.

What is your story?

We like to hear your story

What is going on in your laundry? What are your growth objectives? And which challenges do you have short term and long term? Please contact us for an introduction meeting.