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Boosting laundry performance

We are the specialist when it comes to optimising the performance of textile cleaning companies. Our goal: to make your work easier and of a higher quality. In less time and at lower costs.

Our mission

To help optimise the performance of textile cleaners, using technolocigal solutions and an efficient IT enviroment and letting people and resources work together in a smarter way.


Our vision

By being one with the textile industry and staying closely involved with our customers, we are fully aware of the challenges and we know exactly where there is room for improvement, which we can achieve with the right IT technology.


Senso Technics

Optimize your laundry

At Senso Technics we support you to grow with the help of innovation and new technology. We assist you in taking the next step to expand your productivity. You know your own company best. But are you also aware of the various ways to increase your capacity? In the thirty years that we have been in the business, we have worked with a wide scale of laundries across the world. We take the innovation of one laundry to the next laundry.

With this video we like to show you what we can do.


Boost your laundry performance

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Do you also want a smart solution for your industrial laundry? Are you curious whether you can perform better in terms of performance, production and happier customers? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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