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Laundry software solution

Do you want insight into your laundry processes at any time? To serve your customers and at the same time manage your laundry as efficiently as possible? Do you want to be sure that all linen is sorted correctly? Or can you flexibly shift with your customer orders? Senso Technics’s laundry software fills these needs for you. For optimum results, you can use our user-friendly SensoSuite software as a total solution, but you can also choose to implement the software for a part of your process or machine.

SensoSuite software

  • Visualisation of the entire process in a single layout
  • Internal logistics
  • Process optimisation
  • Customer management
  • Management information

SensoSuite optimises your laundry processes from the moment the linen comes in to the moment the clean linen leaves. This saves you time, effort and money, provides peace and quiet in the laundry process and gives you instant insight into the number of kilos.

Internal logistics

Control of your laundry logistics

SensoSuite is the beating heart of your business, a control system for the systems and machines in your laundry. Connected to your already installed systems and machines, or combined with Senso Technics’s smart laundry system, you can manage your internal logistics with this software.

One system for the logistical control of laundry systems, process control for machines and instructing your employees. The modular solutions of our software is combined with your wishes and budget. Senso Technics is your partner in logistics and automation solutions. Our people’s years of experience can be found in our SensoSuite laundry software.

Efficient laundry process

Software for an optimal process

Do you want to be sure that your laundry processes are running as efficiently as possible? SensoSuite gives you up-to-date insight into the use of your capacity. So you can shift customer orders at any time to get the most out of your laundry with the lowest possible costs.

SensoSuite gives you an overview. For example, you can see what the status of a particular machine is, what weight, customer and articles it is loaded with, and what the next step in the process is. With this information you can easily switch and, for example, plan a rush job in between without disrupting your process.


Process management

Data in one place

Within SensoSuite you can also manage your customer data. With SensoSuite you can manage customer, article, processing line clean goods, washing programme, pressing programme, drying programme, folding programme, weight and daily production. Clear reports allow you to view the history and current status of the customer and articles.

Management information

Insight into your laundry performance

From monitoring laundry performance on effective production hours of your employees and machines in your laundry to monitoring working conditions. From determining your actual cost price, or insight into energy and water consumption, to keeping track of planning and costs. SensoSuite gives you the necessary insight at a glance.

Plan your maintenance at the ideal time, steer for variety and workload of your employees, minimise machine downtime, analyse the return on your investments. Whether you own a laundry or an entire chain with SensoSuite, you have up-to-date insight.

This user-friendly software for your textile laundry ensures smart improvements in your processes. The result? Satisfied customers and employees, more efficient processes with shorter lead times and lower costs.


Boost your laundry performance

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