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Cooperation leads to growth

We believe in growth by cooperation. We do not just express this, but this is also anchored in our core values. For optimising processes in commercial and industrial laundries we use components of partners and suppliers with whom we have entered a long-term relationship. After all, growth does not just work between your laundry and Senso Technics, but also between Senso Technics, partners and suppliers. We like to introduce them to you.


Best in practice

BOTVED has for decades been the leading supplier of equipment and systems for laundries in Scandinavian, a position that BOTVED want to continue to maintain and develop.
BOTVED provide realistic solutions that above all works in practice.



Ellis Corporation

Designed for performance. Built for dependability

Ellis Laundry is recognized as an industry leader and has a reputation for delivering the best technologies at competitive pricing. The product innovations in the laundry and wastewater treatment industries have set Ellis apart over the years.


Ellis Corporation Itasca


Simple and Reliable

Foltex is established in 2013, however based on extensive knowledge and experience in the laundry industry. Their fresh perspective combined with their tenacious pursuit of excellence in customer satisfaction makes Foltex the brand of choice for companies seeking reliability and meaningful partnerships.


FOLTEX Simple and Reliable


New, Uses and Rebuild

Goudkuil is the right adress to find all the new, rebuilt or used laundry machines and equipment for your laundry company. They provide custom full service laundry  machines, such as complet washtunnel washer systems, water extration machines, washers and tumble dryers.




Commercial & industrial laundry equipment

With over forty years of experience in the industry, Laundryquip is renowned for supplying, new, used and rebuilt industrial laundry equipment to customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe.




Laundry Technology GmbH

Lavatec Laundry Technology GmbH represents a new perspective in economy, efficiency and cleanliness. The products of Lavatec, whether they be used for washing, water-extraction, drying, ironing or transportation, can provide fully automated laundry solutions.


Lavatec Laundry Technology GmbH



Laundry Solutions

Tolon is active and renders its services since 1937 as a company specialized in fully automated indsutrial type washer extractor machines, drying tumblers, ironing and folding machinery. Tolon currenty exports to more than 32 countries and 4 continents.


Tolon Laundry Solutions

Vega Systems

Engineering your future


Vega Systems Group is specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and implementation of industrial laundry equipment. Besides the manufacturing of equipment Vega Sytems is also specialized in the design and redesign of complete new or existing laundries.

Vega _Logo

Boost your laundry performance

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