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Discontinuation of Power Panel PP65

Discontinuation of Power panel PP65, PP065 B00 by B&R automation. This panel is still available for order until 29 October 2021.
Due the discontinuation of important components manufacturer B&R stops supplying the Power panel PP65, PP065 B00. This panel can still be ordered before 29 October 2021 via
Support and repair services will be provided until 31st October 2027 (depending on technical feasibility)

Senso Technics and B&R
Until recently Senso Technics used the PP65 B00 from B&R for press controls. B&R did not offer any alternatives. We are now using alternative panels for our press controls. If you are using a B&R PP65 B00, it would be wise to order a panel before 29 October, so that you can immediately use it as a spare should the need arise.

Power panel PP65


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