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Happy customers at Omni Resort

Happy customers at Omni Resort

“As guests settle into the luxury of Omni Resorts, they are surrounded by comfort and convenience. Clean towels and fresh linens are magically delivered to their rooms, thanks to the efficient operation of Omni Resorts laundry.

In just one weekend during the off-season, Senso Technics, with the help of Red-Fox, transformed the existing machines with new controls combined with our software, ensuring a seamless process.


The customer’s response speaks for itself

“Now that I’ve been using your company’s design for a few weeks, I have realized how much time and work you’ve put into it. All the little things such as linen movement from one machine to another. All the thought involved to develop timing and transition throughout the processing of the linen are impressive!

I really appreciate your company’s dedication to a superior product.

Thank you for simplifying the process!”, Shared by happy customers at Omni Resort 


How we realize happy customers 

More in less time. Do you manage the process in a hospitality or hospital laundry? Small or large? Do you think, yes my process can be smarter? Or do you want to know if it can be smarter? We are happy to help. Whether you wash 7,000 kilos or 50,000 kilos per day. It can always be done better.
For more than 10 years, we have delivered smart solutions in more than 100 industrial laundries worldwide. Using our knowledge and solutions, we make your process smarter.

Our service is available 24/7. With online support and quick intervention in case of downtime or a faulty system. From stock we supply parts for our systems and controls.

More in less time

When you are ready for an inventory of the current process, or the current controls are due for replacement. We are happy to visit you. Because you know your laundry best, we take stock of your needs. This way we make a joint plan.

Small adjustments make big differences!


Senso Technics boosting laundry performance


Boost your laundry performance

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Do you also want a smart solution for your industrial laundry? Are you curious whether you can perform better in terms of performance, production and happier customers? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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