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Lavatec with SensoSuite control

Lavatec with SensoSuite control, on short notice please. The request of Laundry Krom from Gorredijk town. The existing Lavatec tunnel washer has 9 compartments with 35 kg loading capacity. However, a new control is necessary for continuity. Firstly preparations were made in Leerdam. In addition our colleague leaves for Gorredijk on Friday morning. Also Krom’s condition no sooner than 12.00. In order to loose as little production time as possible. So said so done. In other words the new control for the Lavatec LT35-9 was installed and mounted on Friday and Saterday. On monday morning production officially started again in present of our specialist. Meanwhile Krom had already tested it himself on Sunday.

Lavatec with SensoSuite control, how does it work?

The step conveyor releases the soil linen in the Lavatec LT35-9. Customer and article are registered on a Workstation installed with SensoSuite. SensoSuite is the control and visualisationNew SensoSuite control for Lavatec LT 35-9 software of Senso Technics. The weighed linen continues from compartment to compartment. Via SensoSuite the step conveyor, tunnel washer, press, shuttle and dryers are visible at a glance.  Additionally a clear water flow, pumps and valves are controlled and the correct washing and dosing programme is provided. The process runs automatically. After that the linen goes to the press. Through the press, the linen is pushed in a cake on the shuttle belt. From the shuttle loaded into the available or selected dryer.

In conclusion 

Firstly, the existing washing tunnel is mechanically sound and continuity is ensured.
Sencondly  SensoSuite is user-friendly and easy to use, making the process more efficient.

“The new control system increases the production speed by as much as 1.5 hours a day,” says Ronald Molleman, owner of Laundry Krom



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