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New smart laundry process for Baltic Clean

New smart laundry process for Baltic Clean. On behalf of Goudkuil in Apeldoorn, Senso Technics has increased capacity on the soil side.

A new control integrates existing machines

Firstly, a new control from Senso Technics integrates the existing tunnel washer, press, shuttle and dryers from Kannegiesser into the process. In addition, the machines can now be easily controlled from a workstation. Next, the existing loop rail is reused. Secondly, the process is expanded with new storage rails and a sorting bag system. With the aim of increasing the production capacity.

The process

Soil linen is dropped from the container on a sorting belt and moved to the right person. The soil linen is sorted and weighed in the laundry bag of the sorting station. Further transported to the right storage rail via an electric hoist. Meanwhile, monitors above the sorting station show customer, article, weight and line destination. Requested articles are unloaded into the tunnel washer, based on an article call off. The linen passes through 16 compartments to the press, then through the shutlle to be unloaded into the dryers. The dryer unload the clean linen onto a belt conveyor. With a workstation Baltic Clean knows exactly which item is where within the new smart laundry process. Finally, the empty bags are discharged via the empty bag rail and ready for use.

And by developing our solutions in a modular way, it is easy for Baltic Clean to make further adjustments on the clean side.

Baltic Clean Baltic Clean, laundry service for hotels and passenger ships smartly adapts the laundry process to increase their production capacity.
“We want to be the first choice for those who need the service we offer, with appropriate and flexible solutions to ensure a long-term cooperation.”

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Also in need of a new smart laundry process just like Baltic Clean, we will help! Senso Technics is a specialist in automating processes in laundries. We control existing machines and make sure it is integrated within the existing or new process.


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