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What can you expect of us?

In our services, we share knowledge and facilities. We support industrial laundries with their challenges. We offer the expertise we have gained through projects in the shape of advice, project guidance, engineering, training, after sales, service and support. We do this in a customised manner, while considering the specific requirements of your laundry.



You know your own company best. But are you also aware of the various ways you can increase your capacity? In the thirty years that we have been in the business, we have worked with a wide scale of laundries across the world. We take the innovation of one laundry to the next laundry. So, we link your knowledge and experience to ours. Do you require advice or a good discussion with one of our experts? We like to provide you with our input.

Project guidance


Senso Technics guides its projects from beginning to end. If you involve us for the construction, refurbishment or expansion of your laundry and the implementation of this, our experienced people will guide the work activities from start to after completion.



The engineers of Senso Technics translate the mechanical to an electronic lay-out and schedules based on your wishes and specifications. They closely follow the developments in the market to comply with national and international standards for safety and hallmarks. Our engineers develop the lay-out of the control boxes and arrange the correct materials.

Service and support


Senso Technics is available as service provider 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Do you have a malfunction or a question regarding an installation supplied by us, you can always contact us. Our helpdesk is available on telephone number: +31 6 – 100 59 248.

Service & Support


With Senso Technics

Would you like to know more about the possibilities that we offer? Would you like to exchange thought with our experts? Request a demonstration of our software? Please feel free to contact us.