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Increasing productivity with

In the past few years, efficiency of internal transportation in laundering facilities has significantly increased, but gains are still possible. Textile cleaning companies and suppliers continue to search for methods increasing their productivity in order to achieve higher profitability. This production increase is achieved by making logistics processes more efficient and more reliable.

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SensoConveyor is the efficiency solution

in the laundering facility

A hanging conveyor is a system making your internal transport more efficient, ensuring optimal use of space. In addition to the space saved using a hanging conveyor, it also provides a better overview of which items and customers are located where.
Setting up optimal call-out will achieve perfect flow in your laundering facility. You can generally increase your capacity by some 20%.

Sorting station or sorting bins; easy and quick sorting of the laundry items

One of our sorting stations will help you sort the various items. Sorting the items allows for optimal settings of the laundering process and drying process for the relevant item. An additional benefit is that a sorting round between the dryers and wringers is limited to a minimum or can be excluded altogether.

The use of load cells ensures optimal load. It is also possible to optimise the weight per item / load. For example, a load of terry cloth can be 10% higher than for other items.

Buffer belts

Buffer belts are part of the hanging conveyor, enabling grouping various items in different belts. Buffering the items creates a huge floor surface. Additionally, it is possible to sort items with a small group of people outside regular working hours, creating more space and stock. This offers the option to wash and dry outside production hours.

Clean laundry hanging conveyor D3

A clean laundry hanging conveyor allows for saving space. Another major benefit is directly unloading at the workplace. This offers the option of processing customer by customer and/or item by item. This means you require fewer customer switches and fewer changes in the folding programme. This results in higher productivity.

The clean laundry hanging conveyor belt is designed to fit within the right laundering facility routing and the current and future machine fleet.


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