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Reliable and user-friendly machine control

In a laundering facility, business continuity is of key importance. A reliable and stable control system is a requirement for fulfilling your agreements with the customer with optimal performance of your production process. In the context of sustainability, extending the economic life of your machine fleet is an additional, rather important part of your business management.

An additional benefit is that we can monitor your machine fleet from our office, and support you where necessary.

Reliable and user-friendly

Reliable and user-friendly

Many laundering facilities have equipment and machines that are technically well-maintained, but need replacing because the controls are no longer up to date or parts have become obsolete.
Replacing these machines is often a major investment that leads to expensive renovations. Our experts can replace your operating controls on site. This allows for postponing investment in a new machine. Replacing the existing controls will assure continuity, increase productivity and therefore profitability.

Wash Tunnel

SensoControl is the new PLC operating control for all washing stations manufactured in Europe. A new PLC control system ensures operational continuity of your washing station, preventing downtime of your production process. This increases your productivity. The straight-forward operating system allows for problem-free manual intervention and resolving mechanical break-downs. SensoControl in combination with SensoView is the ultimate solution for years of care-free use of your washing station.


Just as for the washing station, the SensoControl will assure your continuity. Is your dryer capacity limited? Using our control system, you can expand your existing dryer group with extra dryers, irrespective of the build year and brand. You can also combine various dryer groups, gaining flexibility. Applying infrared sensors will reduce the drying time, saving energy. These are the additional benefits of new operating controls.



A new control system for your refurbished press is certainly interesting if your current press is still in a great state. A new operating control system allows for problem-free communication with a washing station and dryers. A buffer belt before or after the press can also be integrated in the new control system.

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