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Efficiency based on insight

In order to carry out tasks as efficiently as possible while spending time and budget as responsibly as possible, insight is a must. Optimal efficiency starts with identifying the cost saving potential and implementing measures. You create the right basis with SensoView. SensoView realises an optimal worker process in a number of steps.

An additional benefit is cost savings and real-time management information.

Your laundry at a glance

Savings based on insight

Insight is visualising something invisible. The moment you can see your consumption, productivity and utilisation rate of your machine fleet in the laundering facility, you can actually manage it. Managing consumption, productivity and utilisation rate are key factors for gaining insight into your costs, controlling and maintaining your costs. Using this management information, you can reduce your consumption and increase your productivity, optimise your utilisation rate and improve your quality

Registration is the first step towards higher efficiency

Processes in laundering facilities are generally aimed at error reduction and minimising administrative processing. Registering all incoming items gives an insight into your customers, allowing you to even better respond to the customer needs. This concerns private data, specific features of items, missing pieces and wash cycle numbers. Linking these registration data to the financial records limits the administrative processing and errors in your laundering facility to a minimum.

Visualisation is the condition for continuity

Within the process and production automation, process visualisation is of vital importance. Clear insight into the various customers, items and production flows eventually leads to higher productivity. Visualisation of the various production flows provides a clear overview and a clear picture within your laundering facility. The reporting module provides a specific insight into the key figures of the various production flows and customers. This information can be used to further optimise the process.

Performance – the performance of your laundering facility at a constant level

Increasing efficiency is one of the challenges for you as a textile manager. Efficiency is often measured using a certain standard. Efficiency means outperforming that standard. SensoPerformance offers the option of measuring your performance. This measurement provides an insight into the number of items per machine, per employee, per hour. The benefits of this performance measurement are reduction of cost of failure and quality improvement during the operations. After all, to measure is to know, is a well-used Dutch saying. Even a minor process improvement can have significant results.


Apptimize your laundry

Monitoring production per employee real-time is possible with SensoPerformance. This real-time information is displayed on the monitors or via the app. This enables you to see the current production per workplace at a glance. Even if you are not present in the laundering facility.

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