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Sorting with a sorting system

With one of our sorting systems you sort the different items. By sorting the items, you can optimally set the washing and drying process for that particular item. An extra advantage is that the sorting process between the dryers and wringers can be limited to a minimum or even excluded.

Sorting lift

Simple loading system

Dirty washing monorail D2 lift sorting system.
The sorting lift is a simple loading system for sorting the washing. With several lifts, various customers and items can be sorted. Via loading cells the weight of the washing is electronically weighed. With the help of our software customers and items are entered. With a sorting lift system, the logistical functions of the monorail are used optimally.

Sorting group

Lift rail system

With a sorting group you use 1 central loading point.  The washing arrives via a sorting belt at the right person and washing bag. The washing is sorted per item and weighed electronically. The washing bags can be used with a single trolley or double trolley system. By pushing a button the washing bags are transported to the buffer belts and empty bags are supplied again. The monitors above the sorting group display the customer, item and weight.

Sorting trays

Sort large volumes

The sorting tray system is an ideal solution if you process large volumes with several gradings. This way of sorting offers maximum continuity due to the short unloading time of the sorting trays. When the correct weight has been reached the sorting positions are automatically unloaded.

Efficient dirty washing department

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