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It gives you energy

New solar panels have been shining on Senso Technics roofs since July.
Installation on the Energieweg 13M and 15M in Leerdam means that 100% of Senso Technics’s energy needs are solar power. The system calculates how much CO2 emissions Senso Technics saves every day by using solar energy. The CO2 reduction we have achieved in a number of weeks equals 26 trees.
That gives you energy, which is only logical, because solar energy is free of charge and highly sustainable.

Sustainable entrepreneurship
Whether it’s private or business, you can benefit a lot from solar energy, and in this way we do our bit for the environment. It’s a sustainable investment, and you save on your energy costs. It’s good for the climate, and if solar panels generate energy, it reduces CO2 emissions. It happens that solar panels produce electricity at a time when no electricity is consumed within your company. The nice thing about this is that the electricity then goes to the grid. The energy company calculates this.

What exactly do solar panels?
A solar panel converts the energy of our beautiful sun into electricity. And there we are, because this is a form of renewable energy. Even on a cloudy day, the sun ‘gives’ us energy. The panels on Senso Technics’ roof capture the sun’s rays and their energy, and a special inverter ensures that it becomes usable electricity. Solar energy is a form of ‘clean’ energy, which means you can save on your energy costs.

As supplier for the laundry industry Senso Technics offers a series of solutions that allows customers to operate more sustainable. Re-use of machines and monitoring energy consumption are concrete examples of this.

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