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New construction and expansion at A-Vask

De Danish laundry A-Vask has expanded their production facilities with a new production facility that fits to the existing laundry. This step offers the specialist in garments, mats and other linen (flatware) the ability to support their customer in their challenge in terms of hygiene and comfort. This new space offers increased production capacity and capabilities to make the processed more efficient.

The new space has a completely new Dunnewolt soil rail and 32 sorting bins with a separate loading point for mats and garments. By order of Botved, Senso Technics manage in the first phase the new sorting bins and soil rail. Senso Technics ensures that the two new Vega wash tunnels  and the existing Jensen wash tunnel are loaded. After sorting the laundry, the dirty laundry is transported from the buffer belts to the correct wash tunnel. One of the new Vega wash tunnel cleans the garments, the second Vega tunnel the mats. The Jensen wash tunnel cleans the remaining linen. Senso Technics ensures an optimal process during the sorting and transport of the textile.

A-Vask nieuwe sorteerbakken

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