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Laundry Buchholz at Malbergweich

Last year Laundry Buchholz invested in a new industrial laundry. A former factory in Malbergweich, which has been empty for a long time, is now fully equipped and operational as a laundry with a sorting platform, washing tunnels, press, centrifuge, dryers, folders, feeders, conveyors and a shuttle.

“Laundry Buchholz was founded in Prüm almost eight decades ago. The former steam laundry for private customers has now become a large laundry. Customers are holiday parks, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and armed forces. “Due to the growth of our company and short of expansion opportunities in our previous location in Prüm, we were forced to look for another location,” says Schweyen, Director of laundry Buchholz.

Director Patrick SchweyenIn May 2015, the Buchholz director visited the existing company hall for the first time. The contract was signed a few months later. Since then, a lot of work has been done on the property. First the rooms were emptied, then we started the renovation. On request of Vega Systems Germany,  which is located near the new laundry Buchholz, Senso Technics has ensured that every piece of laundry goes through a fully automated process. In one washing tunnel we process flat linen such as sheets and towels. We use the second washing tunnel for clothing and special textiles, and then textiles and linen continue their way to the dryers, according to Schweyen.

Laundry Buchholz is not only very energy efficient, but also meets the strict requirements of hygiene certificates. They also attach great importance to a pleasant working environment for the 110 employees. There is a relaxation room for the employees with massage chairs and a room for childeren’s daycare.

Laundry Buchholz

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