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New SensoSuite control for Jensen Senkings

New SensoSuite control for Jensen Senkings

On behalf of Ecotex GmbH & Co, Senso Technics delivered several new SensoSuite controls for Jensen Senkings, refurbished tunnel washers. With this new control we give an existing tunnel washer a new life with user-friendly control system. In addition, as a system integrator, we make the tunnel washer work with other machines in the laundry. With SensoSuite, laundry software, the various laundries of Ecotex have one system for process management. In other words  customers, articles, was programmes, weight and daily production can be easily managed.

Laundry feeding

SensoSuite control

Ecotex’s LVR Krankenhauszenwäschereien

With a new control system, the laundries control the feeding of the linen from a belt conveyor, monorail soil system D2 or a conveyor belt. This way, they can easily choose to wash desired article and customer. A clearly arranged water flow controls pumps and valves and certainly provides the right washing and doshing programme. The linen passes to the compartments, In other words customer and article can always be followed during the proces of the tunnel washer. An automatic call-off, with SensoSuite, leads to the first desired article or customer. The advantage is not only the tunnel washer is optimally loaded, but also the drying process, the irioner and the (terry) folders can be optimally integrated into the washing process. If an urgent situation arises, the call-off can also be easily operated manually.

SensoSuite laundry management software

With SensoSuite laundry management software from Senso Technics, the laundry has one operation system. In this way they have a single layout with an overview of entire laundry process, managing data and controlling the existing machines within Ecotex Laundry.  In conclusion the daily processes can be easily followed and managed by workstations (see image).

About Ecotex
For over 50 years, Ecotex has stood for machine refurbishment in the field of laundry technology in Europe. Exotex refurbish, deliver and install used tunnel washers, dewatering presses, centrifuges, dryers, irioning, folding (terry) machines, tunnel finishers systems, transport technology and belt conveyors from leading manufacturers sucs as Jensen, Kannegiesser and Lavatec.



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