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Simply the Best solution for Star Wipers

Star Wipers is a “Simply the Best” rag manufacturer and distributor supplying quality rags to companies nationwide. Unique to the industry they have their own-in house laundry facility. With this operation, they have invested in technology that allows Star Wipers to increase production over competitors and produce rags that are of superior quality and absorbency. Their exclusive PFA – Processed for Absorbency Rags are the most absorbent in the industry.

Production processes
The process begins with new mill ends, which are rags that have been rejected as first quality due to a slight imperfection. Once they are cut into rags by their cutting department, the rags go to the laundry system. An operator loads 100 pounds of rags in to a bag and puts the corresponding code into the system to coordinate to their PFA standards. This code is specific to the type of material being processed to ensure absorbency. A bag then is automatically raised to a rail system which guides the bag to the Lavatec wash tunnel. The rags travel through all 16 compartments. The last compartment moves the rags into a press that is used to press water out of them, to help speed up the drying process. The conveyor than automatically transfers the rags to any of the available dryers. When the rags are dried they are transferred into a cart for final packaging.


Star Wipers simply the best solution A new control for the Lavatec wash tunnel
A reliable and stable control systems is a requirement for Star Wipers. This is necessary for the optimal performance of the production process. Star Wipers contacted Senso Technics to replace the existing control of the Lavatec wash tunnel by a new SensoControl.  After visiting Star Wipers to discuss the whishes of Star Wipes and the possibilities Senso Technics started to develop a new control. After sending the control in a customized box to Newark the installation and explanation was done by one of our employees. Simply the Best solution for Star Wipers.



Star Wipers – Simply the Best

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