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Blycolin laundry Renkum chooses Senso Technics

Blycolin Laundry Renkum chooses Senso Technics.

Laundry Peelen Neder Veluwe in Renkum was until April 2015 a laundry for workwear, hospitality and healthcare. Since a year laundry Renkum is part of Blycolin Group BV. Blycolin is a reliable partner and specialist in Linen Services for the hospitality industry. The company offers total solutions in linen management for hotel industry, restaurants and wellness centres. Blycolin has locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Germany. Professional laundering of hospitality linen and hospitality textiles is an essential part of linen management. Therefore Blycolin has associations with several partner laundries across Europe. In the Netherlands and Belgium , they operate two laundries of their own.
Since its acquisition by Blycolin the laundry in Renkum points entirely on the hospitality industry. This shift in the customers increased the need to redesign the laundry. Blycolin chooses Senso Technics for implementing these changes.

Optimization of logistics

To improve the efficiency of the laundry process and optimise the route and logistics. The existing sorting system is moved and expanded. This expansion has increased the processing speed. The tunnel washer and dryers are equipped with new, reliable and user-friendly PLC controls to maintain continuity and quality. A clean side monorail system (D3) is added to the process. To use the space and height Blycolin uses long and short washing bags. The clean linen is automatically and immediately unloaded at the right workplace. This offers Blycolin the ability to finish customer to customer or article after article. Whereby less customer changes are necessary and the processing of the linen proceeds smoothly.

Clear overview with SensoView 

“With SensoView the Senso Technics software, we have a clear overview of the laundry. We can track the logistics process per machine, per customer, numbers, articles and productivity. We have up-to-date information at any time”, says Guillaume van Enter, Corporate Manager Laundries in Blycolin.

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