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Hotelier Lakeland optimizes with new sorting station and soil side monorail

Last year Hotelier Linen Service expanded with the purchase of an existing laundry. For an efficient process, Hotelier Lakeland once again deployed the expertise of Senso Technics. After a visit, the project started with a design and lay-out of the laundry. In addition the wishes are indicated and discussed. After that we came to an efficient laundry process together. Once the proposal has been approved, the project is planned and we get to work on it. Subsequently, in consultation with the customer, an efficient transition planning is indicated that is as efficient as possible. It is important that the existing process is disrupted as little as possible so that Hotelier’s customers can continue to receive their linen.

New sorting station and soil side monorail

In order to start the process as efficiently as possible, Hotelier Linen Service has opted for a new sorting station. The sorting station has 8 sorting positions and the sorted laundry is placed directly in laundry bags. The sorting positions are equipped with SensoSort monitors on which customer, article, weight and lane destination are shown. When the bags are optimally loaded, the laundry bags are automatically placed in one of the desired buffer rail via a lift and monorail. From the buffer rail the customers and articles which are selected are transported to one of the three tunnel washers. By using SensoView and SensoControl, Hotelier Linen Service has insight into the process and know where customers and articles are located in the process. The software module also passes on malfunctions and messages that occur in the process at the various machines.

SensoService Module

The laundry bags provide by SensoTechnics all have a QR code. The QR code is linked to the SensoService Module and makes it possible to place laundry bags in need of maintenance on a service rail. This gives Hotelier Linen Service insight into preventive maintenance or maintenance that is directly needed for the laundry bags and keeps the process running optimally.

Hotel Linen Service is a service provider for hotels and resorts in Florida. They use state-of-the-art facilities and decades of experience in the industry. This enables Hotelier to achieve the highest quality and efficiency in laundry processing.

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