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Quick, sustainable and reliable Solution for Synergy Health.

Voorburg, Synergy Health opts for a quick and reliable solutions for the existing Senking press. In a laundery facility, business continuity is of key importance. A reliable and stable control system is a requirement for optimal performance. To ensure the control of the Senking press. And to simultaneously to optimize the productivity of the press Synergy Health was looking of a fast and reliable solution.

With SensoControl we have an new and very stable control system with modern technology with 24/7 deployment. In the context of sustainability, extending the economic lift of our press is an addition, rather important part of our business management, said Paul Lassooy, Business Manager at Synergy Health.

About Synergy Health
Synergy is a provider of outsourced services to health related industries. The largest service is the provision of outsourced sterilisation for medical device manufacturers and for healthcare providers such as acute hospitals. In addition, Synergy Health is a leading provider of linen services, a manufacturer of infection control products and a provider of specialist laboratory services.

Synergy Health

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