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Rebuild Lavatec washtunnel with SensoControl

Hoogstraten, To ensure the continuity and quality of the Lavatec washtunnel,  CleanLease decided to replace the operating system with SensoControl. Last year Senso Technics also rebuild the two Senking washtunnels with SensoControl. CleanLease specializes in cleaning and rental of high quality textiles. The CleanLease services are entirely aimed on helping their customers. The Lavatec Washtunnels is upgraded with Senso Control to maintain the continuity and quality. This new controls offer information about the water and electricity consumption, and help to save the environment by making the washtunnel last longer. The new control is easy to use during a touch screen.

About Clean Lease

CleanLease is more than 100 years specializing in cleaning and rental of high quality textiles and since that time it has become a leading service provider for the segments hospitals, care and hospitality in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Senso Control for Washtunnels

SensoControl is the new PLC operating control for all wastunnels manufactured in Europe. A new PLC control system ensures operational continuity of your washing station, preventing downtime of your production process. This increases your productivity. The straight-forward operating system allows for problem-free manual intervention and resolving mechanical break-downs. SensoControl in combination with SensoView is the ultimate solution for years of care-free use of your washing station.

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