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Tallinna Pesumaja optimizes soiled section

Tallinna Pesumaja has over 11 years’ experience in the field of laundry services to hospitality and healthcare. The new and modern building of Tallinna Pesumaja near Tallinn meet the requirements of EU.

Improve production and production data
Tallinna Pesumaja laundry services has been active in Estonia since 2004. The laundry supplies hospitals, hotels and restaurants. One of the objectives was to improve production and better understanding of the production data. By improving the efficiency of the soiled laundry proces and use SensoView software there was immediately a significant change.

Taking advantage of new technologies to optimize existing processes
In the existing situation there is no automation on the soiled side section of the laundry.  The soiled linen was placed on a beld. Sorted and placed back into the containers. Transported manual to the step conveyor. From the container the soiled laundry was thrown on the step conveyor, weighted and transported into the Senking wastunnel and Vega Smartliner.

Tallinna before automation

Since improving production is an important factor, the responsible persons choose to optimize the internal logistics with the solutions of Senso Technics. The soiled laundry is placed on a beld and sorted and weighted at one of the eight sortingpositions at the sortinggroup, the bag is automatic transported to the storage lines and on call transported to the Senking wastunnel and Vega Smartliner.

Sorting and soil side laundry conveyor

Smooth integration
Since the optimization there is space on the floor and there is more understanding of the different products, customers and data. Our experts made sure the implemetation of the changes where smoothly connected with the existing proceses. The employees of Tallinna where trained and our employees came home with a cultural

Tallinn the main capitol of Estonia

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