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Better performance, higher pieces per operator hour, and happier customers

Less employees, severe height and footprint restrictions and without ever closing a single day? Senso Technics offered the solution at Commercial Laundry in Baltimore

“Our motivation was to reduce labor. From manual loading of 2 wash tunnels and 5 Challenge gas dryers to automatic loading. The need to streamline the process and do this with severe height 4,5m / 15ft and footprint restrictions. We also had to be able to do all this without ever having to close a day, despite the fact that we work 2 shifts 7 days a week”, says Brandon Rosenblatt, CEO, Commercial Laundry Corporation Baltimore.

Smart designed laundry facilities

In consultation and cooperation with Commercial Laundry, Senso Technics USA came up with a smart solution for the soil side monorail D2, and delivered a new control for the newly installed Lavatec tunnelwasher, conveyor belts, shuttle, six new Lavatec dryers and communication with the existing Milnor tunnelwasher and Kannegieser EVUE. We developed, installed and implemented systems and software solutions for the soil side through commissioning on-site.


Commercial Laundry Baltimore

From a manual to automated process at the soil side
For Commercial Laundry, the new process starts with sorting the incoming linen using a  7-position sorting bag system. With our SensoSort solution, weighing is done electronically. Monitors above the sorting system show customer, article, weight and line destination. At the ideal weight, the bag is transported to the buffer lines. From the buffer lines, the linen is unloaded at the chosen tunnelwasher via our call-off possibilities. From the tunnelwashers the linen is unloaded into the dryer with conveyor belts and an shuttle. After the linen has completed the correct drying program, the linen is ready for the clean side.


Results “A more labor and energy efficient system. Significant reduction in labor. Access to data and reporting to optimize our practices. Integration of Senso Technic’s software with our existing labor management software to track key metrics. All of this leads to better performance, higher Pieces per Operator Hour, and happier customers”.

Commercial Laundry Corporation was founded in 1986 with only a few employees. Since then, they have grown to 150 employees (170 before the project with Senso Technics).
They provide the highest quality laundry service to all big hotel brands in the Baltimore-DC Metro regions with customer satisfaction as their #1 priority.


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