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Increase of production through registration

Increase of production through registration.

Sensoview Performance┬áis a Senso Technics solution that provides Wasserij ‘t Heycop insight into the performance of a machine and workplace. We measure the performance, based on the standard per hour, the counts coming from the machine and workstation. The next step taken by laundry ‘t Heycop is to register the employee at his or her workplace. This registration provides insight into the results per employee. The aim of Wasserij ‘t Heycop is to create the right person at the right workplace.

The employees register with a tag keychain (see photo). By placing the keychain against a scanner, the employee’s name is visible on a monitor. The article and the standard are immediately visible to the employee. By making these data visible, ‘t Heycop already achieved a 5% increase in production, according to Niels Willemsen, owner of Wasserij ‘t Heycop.

Increase by registration and monitoring

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